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Dear Parents,
Welcome to the website of the Acushnet Elementary School. Here at A.E.S., we work hard to give each and every child an education that meets their individual needs and really helps to make them be the best possible student that they can be. Through teamwork between parents, staff, and administration, we know all of our children can be successful in school.

To help with our mission to help all children succeed, we want to give every family the opportunity to gather information that can help with the school experience. Through this new and improved web site, we hope to share information, facts, and news that can benefit you, your children, and your entire family. As we grow bigger both as a school and as a whole community, we want our school to be an integral part of your lives, and through this web site we will work to provide meaningful information for everyone.

We will continue to update this site regularly, and provide new content along with information you may need all year long. If there are any ways we can make our site better for you, please let us know.


Susan Beck
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