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11 months ago

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the website of the Acushnet Elementary School. Here at A.E.S., we work hard to give each and every child an education that meets their individual needs and really helps to make them be the best possible student that they can be. Through teamwork between parents, staff, and administration, we know all of our children can be successful in school.

To help with our mission to help all children succeed, we want to give every family the opportunity to gather information that can help with the school experience. Through this new and improved web site, we hope to share information, facts, and news that can benefit you, your children, and your entire family. As we grow bigger both as a school and as a whole community, we want our school to be an integral part of your lives, and through this web site we will work to provide meaningful information for everyone.

We will continue to update this site regularly, and provide new content along with information you may need all year long. If there are any ways we can make our site better for you, please let us know.


Susan Beck
School Lunch Links
AES Student Arrival- Dismissal
8:50 a.m. Student Arrival (doors open)
3:25 p.m. Student Dismissal Begins

Monday and Wednesday 9:10-2:15
Friday 12:25-3:05
Group 2
Tuesday and Thursday 9:10-2:15
Friday 9:10-11:45

Early Release Day Dismissal
12:50 Grades K-4
11:45 PreSchool
  • Fall Vocabulary Parade
  • Our first school wide assembly! Dedicated to the wonderful Mrs. Mason! Thank you to Mrs. Beck and the teachers who helped make the assembly a success!
  • Whirled Peace! Mrs. Macolini and Mrs. Santos did a great job!!
  • International Day of Peace! Whirled Peace! Thank you Mrs. Macolini and Mrs. Santos and to all of the students who made these beautiful pinwheels.
  • Acushnet Road Race Kid's Run! Great job to all the runners!
  • Acushnet Teachers at the Apple-Peach Festival Parade! Thank you for all of your hard work!
  • Welcome Back AES! We missed you!! #firstdayofschool
  • More pics from the 4th Grade Promotion Ceremony!
  • Grade 3 4th Term Principal's Award
  • Grade 2 4th Term Principal's Award
  • Grade 4 4th Term Principal's Award
  • Grade 1 4th Term Principal's Award
We are accepting donations of hats, mittens, and scarves for students who may be in need of them.

These can be turned into your child's teacher.

Thank you in advance!


about 1 year ago

1. What are the regular school hours for students?
The students' are in school from 9:00 a.m. until 3:25 p.m. each day. Some students may come in before school or stay after school for extra help with their teacher. These arrangements are made individually with each class.

2. Are there late buses at the Elementary School?
No, there are no late bus services at the Elementary School. Students who stay after school for any reason must arrange their own transportation.

3. How do I come into the school?
Parents, visitors, and other guests should enter the school through the front door, located at the circular drive in the front of the building. Once you come in, please proceed directly to the office, where the office staff will help you sign in. All visitors to our school, including parents, family members, teachers from other buildings, and people from outside businesses, are required to sign in at the office before entering the building.

4. I need to pick up my child early. How do I do this?
Please send a note the day of the expected dismissal. This lets the teacher and the office know to expect you. When you arrive, please come to the main office, and someone will call your child to the office for you. Also, please note that any child that becomes ill during the school day cannot be sent home on our buses. A parent or emergency contact person will be notified by the nurse.

5. Are family vacations excused absences from school?
Absences due to family vacations are not considered excused absences in Massachusetts. The school is required to note the number of unexcused absences each child has during the school year, and address the child's attendance if there is a high number of absences.

6. What is expected of students on the school bus?
All students are expected to treat the school bus and the bus stop as extensions of the school itself. Their behavior is expected to be safe, courteous, and respectful to others on the bus, including the driver and monitor. Students that are felt to be unsafe, discourteous, physically aggressive, or in other ways disruptive, may be written up by the driver. This may result in disciplinary action.

7. Can my child attend Acushnet Elementary School if we do not live in Acushnet?
Acushnet Public Schools are only for children who are current residents of the town.

8. Is there a dress code for the students at the school?
There is a dress code for students at the school, especially for safety purposes. Specific information can be found in the Student Handbook, and we recommend that all families review this information.

9. Can students take medication at school?
Students must have a doctor's note and appropriate forms filed with the nurse in order to be given medication at school. Students are not allowed to carry medication themselves, or on the bus. In you have specific questions relating to medication issues or other health concerns, please contact the nurse's office.

10. Do students receive homework?
Yes, students do receive homework at the Elementary School. Homework is assigned by individual teachers for their classes, so parents should check their children's back packs nightly for assignments as well as corrected papers and announcements.
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